CCID (Chip Card Interface Device) specifications define a standard for a communication protocol for smart card readers which connect to a USB port and allow the same driver to communicate with all CCID card readers. Microsoft offers this driver as part of its Windows Update system.

Smart card Reader ACR39
(Chip card Smart card Reader)
The ACR39 Smart card Reader is full compatible with CPU Smart cards and secure memory cards (SLE). ACR39 reader can write and read the sensitive data from chip cards.

Smart card Reader ACR83 (APG) PINeasy
(Chip card PIN Pad Smart card Reader)
ACR83 PINeasy Smart card Reader includes an easy to use keypad and an LCD screen. The reader supports Secure PIN Entry (SPE) and requires both a PIN entry and authentication within the reader. The reader is very secure for accesing the sensitive data.

We offer two types of card readers compatible with chip cards :

Smartcard Reader ACR83 (APG)

Smartcard Reader ACR39

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