Overview of One-Time Password Tokens:

OTP, the abreviation for One-Time Password, refers to a strong authentication method because it significantly prevents access to sensitive data and limits resouces access associated with PCs or networks. Compared to traditional passwords with only one static factor, the dinamic one-time password is requested everytime a user needs to authenticate. The dinamic password protects the system and offers a high security level against intruders who gained any previous password.

OTP Tokens cover all the range of One-Time Password methods: event-based (HOTP), time-based (TOTP), challenge-response(OCRA), CAP based and EMV readers for offering OTP authentication for users and online transactions.

  • Event-based (HOTP) OTP Tokens: the devices use a mathematical algorithm for generating a new password based on a past event. OTP Token C100 is an event-based OTP Token, OATH compatible

  • Time-based (TOTP) OTP Tokens: based on time synchronization between authentication server and the client who offers the password. OTP Token C200 is a time-based OTP Token, OATH compatible.

  • Challenge-response (OCRA): the new password is based on a request (i.e. a random generated number by the authentication server and transaction details) and a counter instead of a previous password.

OTP Tokens:

One-Time Password C100 Token OTP Token C100   OTP Token C200 OTP Token C200

Low price, event-based OTP Token



The best choice, time-based OTP Token, OATH compatible


One Time Password (OTP) Token C300 OTP Token C300   One Time Password (OTP) Token C400 OTP Token C400

Challenge-response OTP Token, OATH OCRA compatible



High performance USB Token PKI & OTP.


One Time Password (OTP) Token C500 OTP Token C500   One Time Password (OTP) Token C200 OTP Token C200 (big display)
Card Reader (EMV CAP-based) for Master Card chip authentication  

Time-based OTP Token with a large display


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