Technology chip cards or smart cards represent the future transactions , with an embedded microchip, they provide a more advanced level of security for users. Besides safety level higher, compared to magnetic stripe cards, smart cards have a greater ability coding information and keeping it safe.

Smart cards find their utility use in finance, communications, transport, social security, taxes etc. and streamlines daily activities. Using a card is convenient, and because it has a small size is easily transported by the beneficiary. 

Secure memory cards such as SLE5542 / SLE4442 , SLE5528 / SLE4428 etc., they find their utility in access control systems, loyalty systems, ticketing etc. SLE5542 cards can be found in systems to access key role, such as those in hotel rooms. SLE5542 card is the newer version of the well known SLE4442 smart card, that is 100% compatible. SLE5542 cards can also be used in a metering system which accesses the number of TV programs distributed by cable. The memory card can be accessed by entering a PIN.

Secure memory chip cards are delivered in version blank (white) and they can be adjusted later.

We deliver on-demand RFID cards or other types of cards requested by the client . For more details please contact us here.

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