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Security - a basic element for daily business
The secure USB Token also known as USB authentication token is a small device needed for accessing a specific online service. The USB Token device could be presented as a smart card or it could be embedded into an object the size of a key. A security USB Token offers an additional high level security called two-factor authentication: the user has a number which authorizes him to have acces to a service. The device generates a number which identifies the user and allows him to connect to the network.

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Why should you choose USB Token ePass?
The USB Token ePass device is a high level security token delivered with PKI support and middleware included in the price offer. You can safely store digital certificates and passwords for web acces. Now you can benefit from all the advantages of an USB token with high security and competitive price!

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Maximum security and low TCO with One-Time Password token and OTP Server
There are many advantages for using the authentication solutions with dinamic password (One-Time Password). These include ease of use, avoiding the management issues for system's administrators and the secure access to all the online environments. You can now secure all your websites, web applications and online tranzactions access for all the users with very low costs.

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Smart cards and Smart card Readers
The memory smart cards (SLE) and PKI microprocesor cards (CPU Smart cards) are used in a wide variety of areas where high level security for sensitive data is needed. You can safely store important data and digital certificates the same way as using an USB Token. Smart card Reader ACR38 for memory cards and PKI CPU smart cards comply with the CCID specifications for Windows operating system. The ACR38 Smart card Reader is suitable due to the ease of use and conveniece when it comes to specific security situations.

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Smartcard SLE5542

Smartcard Reader ACR39

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