• eJAVA Token  - for Multiple Solution

eJava Token fully compliant with Global Platform and Java Card specification, it is one type of USB Key Java card. Built-in Java Card Virtual Machine, supports multiple applications, and download different Applet on same time. Without carrying card reader, download Feitian PK01C or ePass2003 can completely replace current PKI products.

Current USB Key is PKI products, COS function is determined by manufacturer, it's not flexible for customization as customer wishes. eJava Token provides a self-defined function USB Key, customers can develop their own Applet based on functional requirements, even developing multiple Applets on one USB Key.



Security Controller32-bit ARM-based Smart Card Chip
Memory320KB (ARM-based)
127KB (ARM-based)
1.19KB (ARM-based)
SupportedOperatingSystem32bit and 64bit Windows XP SP3 and later;
32bit and 64bit Linux;
MiddlewareWorld lightest & simplest middleware for Windows CSP
Microsoft Windows Mini-Driver
Direct-called library for PKCS#11 under Windows, Linux and MAC
StandardsJava Card™ 2.2.2
GP2.1.1+Amendment D (SCP03)
ISO 7816
X.509 v3 Certificate Storage
SSL v3, IPSec
CryptographicAlgorithmsRSA 512/1024/2048 bit
ECDSA 192/256 bit(*)
AES 128/192/256 bit
SHA-1 / SHA-256
CryptographicFunctionsOnboard key pair generation 
Onboard digital signature and verification
Onboard data encryption and decryption
CryptographicAPIsMicrosoft Crypto API (CAPI)
Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG)
Microsoft Smart Card MiniDriver
ProcessorSmart Card Chip (Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified)
EnduranceAt least 500,000 write/erase cycles
Data RetentionMore than 10 years

USB 2.0 full speed, Connector type A

InterfaceISO 7816
Operating Temperature-25°C ~ 85°C(-13°F ~ 185°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 85°C
(-4°F ~ 185°F)
Humidity0% ~ 100% without condensation

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eJAVA Token - for Multiple Solution

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