• Smartcard PKI - digital authentication

PKI, short for Public Key Infrastructure, is largely accepted by applications that use severe authentication. Due to the nature of sensitive data, like private keys, very important in PKI systems, smartcards were chosen as the container.

PKI cards are specially created for PKI based applications; smartcard technology in combination with a public key based infrastructure offers a higher and safer level of protection against hackers compared to a system based on a simple public key. All access data is stored in the smartcard chip and can not be accessed from the outside. At the same time a high security level is obtained for intranet, extranet and Internet applications, including secure access, authentication and data transmission thru a technology that assures encryption and phisycal access.


  • built-in high performance smartcard chip
  • supports T=0, T=1 or USB communication
  • supports to generate 1024-byt or 2048-byt RSA key pair
  • supports ISO 7816 compliant with cryptographic operations, authentication and access control
  • supports ISO 7816 part 12 contacts USB electrical interface
  • supports cryptographic algorithm of DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RSA 1024, RSA 2048
  • supports secure messaging that ensures confidentiality between the smartcard and the application
  • supports standard PKCS#11 and MS CAPI interface, easy to integrate with compliant software
  • supports cryptographic service provider for Microsoft smart card enrollment for Windows smart card user and smart card logon
  • support to integrate with web browser or e-mail
  • PKCS#15 compliant; seamless integration with OpenSC applications

Technical specifications:

CPUHigh performace smart card
Memorie la dispozitia utilizatorului64 KB
Perioada de pastrare a datelor10 years
Numar de operatiuni de scriere100,000

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Smartcard PKI - digital authentication

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