• Server FOAS 4.0 - per user license

FOAS is used for strong business authentication services and supports all the authentication operations.

The server FOAS architecture includes the following components:

  • The authentication service/SDK
  • The authentication agent/SDK
  • The OTP management tool (management center)

For a complete functionality three additional parts are needed:

  • The database system
  • The application system
  • The OTP tokens

OTP Server Specifications:

NoTechnical ParametersDescription
1Amount of users supportedMore than 10 million
2Throughput per authentication server<5ms
3Bandwidth used for authentication<1MB
4Disaster prevention for authentication dataBackup via cluster
5Out-of-band authentication2-channel authentication
6Supported protocolsRADIUS, LDAP, TCP/UDP, and SOAP
7Supported operating systemsIBM AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Linux and Unix
8Supported database systemsOracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL, MSDE and Access
9Supported length of dynamic password6 digits/8 digits
10Athentication Server API interfaceC/C++, Java, Web Service and more
11Authentication Agent API interfaceC/C++, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and more

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Server FOAS 4.0 - per user license

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